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Community description:Home of Pretty Cure aka Precure aka Purikura aka pritticurr fans
Hello and welcome to pritticurr! Why 'pritticurr'? Because typos are funny! This community is for discussing the wonderful meta-series of Pretty Cure.

(PM one of us if you have a problem.)


1) Be nice, be civil, be the friendship: Arguments can be done without name calling, libel, offensive terms or your-mom jokes(as…clever as they can be sometimes.)
a) No bashing: This means no overly-negative comments about any of the seasons or the characters. No hate posts as well. I assure you, such comments have been heard before.
b) No kicking up drama. Okay, you don't have to be the friendship, but at least stay civil. Try to avoid calling out if possible.
2) Think before you post: Make sure to check if a topic has been discussed before you make a post and that your post is Precure related, not personal.
3) Please lj-cut the following: Long text posts, posts with many images, posts with HUGE images and spoilers for any season.
4) No solo review posts: Keep episode reviews on the episode posts or Free For All Friday. Of course, you can always give a link to your review! (This is so this community is as unbiased as possible.)
5) Precure toy posts are a-ok! (Just remember rule 3.)
6) Poll posts are for mods only.
7) ...junk brand junk

And that's all for now!

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